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Local IO - OPC Data Access Client Assembly for .NET

Install and develop with all versions of Visual Studio. Includes several example projects and the Quick Data tag browser source code.

Local IO is an object oriented .NET assembly that supports the development of OPC DA 2.0 clients by encapsulating all of the OPC communications details in one assembly. Not just an OPC wrapper; you never have to deal with COM to .NET interop issues. Focus your efforts on your application's functionality and avoid the costs of man-months of developing and testing thousands of lines of tedious communications code. The installation includes several examples in VB.NET and C# demonstrating acquiring data via polled and event driven data. Great for quickly developing any application where you need to use process data with the powerful Microsoft .NET framework capabilities or for embedding in commercial products. Get real-time data into your application in just a few minutes with the free, no-risk, evaluation. No runtime licenses.

  • Native .NET interfaces

  • Retrieve data either by events or by polling

  • Receive events by the group or by the tag

  • Multithreaded asynchronous reads and writes to the OPC servers

  • Timed asynchronous write responses automatically timed for you

  • DCOM connections to the OPC servers

  • Domain, node and server browsing

  • Build your own UI or use the built-in user interface

  • Visual Studio .NET IntelliSense, CHM and Object Browser help

  • Free support

  • Works in a Windows service

  • Format conversions for displaying hexadecimal, binary or decimal

  • All Visual Studio versions work with the same license

  • Supports servers with or without tag browsing

  • Built-in watchdog functionality to monitor server connection

  • PropertyChanged, Updated and Errored events

  • Sample Quick Data client included in the setup

  • Quick Data client application source code

  • Numerous working sample projects included

  • Error messages can be routed to the Windows Event Logger

  • Easily get lists of OPC servers, network nodes or OPC tags

  • Schedule tags by period and deadband

  • Classes support ISerializable for saving/loading configurations

  • Great support for array tags

  • Converts all datatypes to native .NET types

  • No OPC communications knowledge required

UI screen shots (Click for larger view) :


Quick Data - OPC Data Access Tag Browser

Quick Data is a FREE real-time OPC data browser that uses our LIO component. Quick Data communicates with your existing OPC DA servers and allows you to view and write data in real-time. QD also supports buffering, scaling and bit masking of tag data.  Use QD as a debugging tool to give you a view into your industrial automation process.

  • Buffering of tags data samples (up to 1000 samples per tag)

  • Scaling (linear or square root)

  • Timestamps displayed to the millisecond

  • Save and load your tag configurations to a file

  • Masking (AND out bits of interest from registers such as are used with analog I/O modules)

  • Combine masking and scaling (display units from bits inside 10 or 12 bit module registers)

  • Display or write integral tags as hexadecimal, binary or decimal

  • Great support for array type tags

  • Import or export OPC tags from a simple text file (*.CSV)

  • Access remote OPC servers via DCOM anywhere on the network domain

UI screen shots (Click for larger view) :

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