Using The Tag Server (User Interface)

For Additional Object Configuration Details:
Use the TagServer Configuration form to create and access source tags that represent items in your OPC DA 2.0 server. Changing data will be updated in the grid every 100 ms.

Right-click on any selected item for the operations that can be performed. Double-click to display the item's properties form.

Tree items that are disabled or disconnected are indicated with the slashed circle.

Disabled tags are indicated by the unchecked 'Enabled' column.

Change the display radix of integral types to decimal, binary or hexadecimal by using the drop button on the toolbar. Values are displayed using the IEC prefixes of 16#nnnn or 2#nnnn. You may also use any of these formats when writing to integral types.

The selected radix will be used in the grid and in displaying array elements in tooltips. (see below)

View array values by clicking on the tag in the grid which will display the array elements in a 'real-time' tooltip.

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