Process Tag Properties

Configure the Process Tag properties by double-clicking on the tag the data grid and selecting the Properties tab.  The standard VB style properties grid is used.  Select a field to display a descriptive comment at the bottom of the form.  When changing properties the entry is committed to the object immediately when the cursor leaves the field.  There is no cancel operation.

Description - Addition information can be stored with the tags using the Description field.
Enabled - Controls whether the Process Tag receives Updated events from it's source tag.
Parent - The name of the parent object of this tag.  Normally this is a Process Tag Group.
BufferSize - Sets the buffer size for storing and viewing data samples.  The range is limited to 1-1000 samples.
Scaling - Set this to true to begin scaling. Scaled Process Tags will always be converted to System.Double data types. Scaling is ignored on types that can't be scaled such as strings or date/time values.
HighRaw - Defines the expected upper range of the source tag.
LowRaw - Define the expected lower range of the source tag.
HighRange - Defines the desired upper range of the resulting scaled value.
LowRange - Defines the desired lower range of the resulting scaled value.
Clamping - Set to true to insure that the value does not go outside this range and that any value written to the source tag does not go outside of the defined raw range.
SquareRootScaling - Set to true to select square root scaling instead of the default linear method.
Masking - Set this to true to begin masking. You can enter a mask that will be applied to the integral source tag when the data sample arrives at the Process Tag. Masking is ignored if the source tag is not an integral type.
Mask - The bits set in the mask indicate the bits used (AND'ed).  The value will be shifted to the proper weight.  Masking is applied on reads and in reverse on writes.  Use any radix format such as 2#0000,1111 or  16#00ff,fff0 or any decimal number like  65520 .

NOTE: You may combine scaling and masking.

Source Tag - You can reassign a new source tag at any time by selecting the browse button in the SourceTag field.

Source Tag Selection Form - Use this form to browse available tags in the Tag Server to select a new Source Tag.

Additional Source Tag Properties - Additional Source Tag properties are displayed for convenience.  These include the following:
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