Process Tag Data

Double-click on the tag row and select the "Data" tab to view the Process Tag's data in real-time.  The grid data is updated immediately when the source tag fires an event.  This is in contrast to the other grid displays that are updated on a screen refresh timer. The default buffer size is one.

Name - Use this to assign a meaningful name to the tag.  The name is used to identify tags in the data grid displays.
Description - Addition information can be stored with the tags using the Description field.
BufferSize - Sets the buffer size in memory for storing and viewing data samples.  The range is limited to 1-1000 samples.
Clear Buffer - Clears the buffer.

Array Data Tooltip - Array values are separated by commas in the grid's value column.  Click on the buffer index (row) to view the real-time data for that buffer position in the tooltip.  You can navigate the window to other positions in the buffer and still view your selection in the tooltip.
Buffer Bar - The buffer bar is a visual indicator of the current buffer use and view window position.  The full length of the bar represents the capacity of the buffer.  The blue filled in area represents the amount of the buffer that has been used and the smaller green box represents the position and size of the view window in the buffer.

VCR Controls - The VCR type controls at the bottom of the form allow you to navigate the view window through the buffer.

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